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In Spring where animals and botanicals -wakes up vibrant and lively, you can capture your Wedding Scene with full-blooming Cherry Blossoms.

In Summer where the landscapes show fresh greens, you can make your Garden Wedding a special one with shades of greens to celebrate you.

In Autumn where the leaves change their faces with red and yellow tints, not only the scenaries but the variety of splendid Japanese autumn cuisines and specialities will complement your Wedding experience.

In Winter where snowfalls create white dreamy scenaries, you can have your beloved ones around to celebrate in the silvery white plans and enjoy the warmth of Japanese hotsprings at night.

It is up to you and your partner to seek which astonishing Japanese natural scenary to embrace and make it your forever lasting memory.
Let us know, and we are here to make your time and experience something special.

We think each and all Weddings have its own special stories, and we want to help you make your Wedding experience a life moment which you will never forget.It would be our great pleasure to hear from you your wish to spend precious time and Wedding experience in Japan.--

About us

I have spent over 10 years in bridal industry, and had experiences producing Weddings in multiple locations around Japan.
It has always been my first priority to provide Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions that portraits the personalities and passions of my clients and their families. I have spent countless hours of works and researches exploring Wedding opportunities and locations in Japan, but I believe such experience brought me inspiration to launch this service.

Throughout my experiences I have explored and discovered numbers of great Wedding opportunities including hotels, restaurants and also outdoor-weddings.
After many years of explorations I have witnessed with my own eyes how beautiful of a Wedding locations Japan can provide.
It is now my dream to support couples and partners as my client to find their special occasions and unforgettable moment.
Wedding preparations could be hectic and tough at some times, but I am here to support you through this "en." platform so that you could find the best Wedding venue and experience in Japan.


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